We are committed to serve the needs of our clients in a competent, solution driven and cost effective way in order to create value for our clients. Important pillars of our work are further dedication, integrity and independence.

Competence is meant to be understood as a combination of solid training, experience and efficiency.

Solution driven means for us, firstly, to quickly understand the relevant facts and issues of the matter at hand and to put them into the right legal context. Secondly, we want to present to our clients a pragmatic, individually tailored solution which shall enable them to efficiently reach their legitimate economical and entrepreneurial goals or we make a risk assessment based on which our clients are able to take decisions on an informed basis. We do not hesitate to also make clear statements when rendering our assessment or judgement.

Cost efficiency means for us to use, according to the parameters given by the client, only such resources which are in fact necessary to deliver the desired result. It is important to us that our clients get added value through our pragmatic and focused approach.

Dedication means personal and flexible availability on our part as well as full and unrestricted commitment to our clients' cases. We strive to build up a personal relationship with our clients, find appropriate and customer tailored solutions and assist our clients in asserting or enforcing their legitimate interests and rights towards third parties.

Integrity and Independence mean for us to pursue and enforce the interests of our clients regardless of our own or any third party interests.